The Alharía is a more than 500 years old Moorish finca in the green Genal Valley – the Valle del Genal – in Andalusia. In January 2019, we four siblings – Laura, Jakob, Anjoulie and Akbar – took over the Alharía from our father Homayun together with our partners . We decided to continue the work on the finca and its use as a meeting place for family, friends and visitors.

At the same time, we can barely spend more than 6 months a year on the finca and are looking for ways to keep it busy all year round. To accomplish this, we make use of one of its well-known strengths: attracting people who seek exchange, inspiration and entertainment, enjoy life with nature and tranquility, have a passion for handcraft, agricultural or forestry activities, or are looking for a break from their everyday lifes and want to join the Alharía.



Adress: La Alharía, 29492 Genalguacil, Málaga, España

E-Mail: hola[at]

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