There are two ways to join the Alharía. On the one hand, we are looking for people who live on the Alharía and want to farm with us but also alone, since our centers of life are currently in Germany and Austria and we can spend hardly more than 6 months a year at the farm. For keeping the farm running, everyday work is needed – such as providing animals with feed and water, controlling waterways or watering plants – but along with that, you get many opportunities to revive the finca with your own ideas and initiatives. In addition, we are open to jointly exploring opportunities to earn some income, for example by selling products from the forest and gardens, renting accommodation, offering seminars, etc. The prerequisites for such long-term stays are an induction and acquaintance time.

On the other hand, at certain times of the year, we welcome assistance – such as during the chestnut harvest in October, the olive harvest in November, or during construction work on the house. For these shorter stays no prerequisites are required except your willingness to join and free capacities from us to receive you.

In case you are interested in one or the other opportunity to join in the Alharía contact us via email!